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[az_column_text]Recently I was asked to be interviewed by colleague and friend PT Karen Litzy for her online PT conference. While the audio/video quality is poor, the message is worth it!

In this interview, I start with the basics so you can understand how your website, SEO and social media fit together, I describe 5 Vital Habits to Keep Your Sanity, and why it’s so important to know why you need a website before you begin.

Here is what I cover in just the first chapter of my book, How to Manage Your Own Website. (Yep, it’s a lot, but I break it down into bite-sized pieces.)

Chapter 1: The Basics, What You Need To Know
Start Here: Get Your Bearings
5 Vital Habits to Keep Your Sanity
Avoid These Amateur Mistakes
Important Tools and Assets You’ll Need To Collect
How to Manage Your Logins and Passwords
Images: How to Crop, Resize, Add and Edit Photos

Have a website? You’ll wanna check this out here to get your copy.[/az_column_text]

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