How to Manage Your Own Website

When Your Website Breaks: Do This

The following is Chapter 7, from my book How to Manage Your Own Website… With all of the crazy updates lately, and judging by the number of panicked phone calls I’ve been receiving, I thought you’d find this extraordinarily helpful! And, don’t forget to download the Chapter PDF at the bottom. My gift to you…

Here’s what you need to know about your website: There is always always a solution to every single problem. Continue Reading…

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3 Ways to Use Your iPhone to Make Content Worth Sharing

The number one question I get about creating regular, engaging content is not about the words, but rather about the imagery. “Where do you find good photos?” “How do you get words onto images?” “How do I create a video that doesn’t cost a million dollars?” “How do you make videos look so good?”

In case you missed March’s webinar on this very subject, you’ll wanna watch the recorded video of the session which can be found in the Coaching Portal. In less than 40 minutes, I walk you through step-by-step how to make awesome pics and video. The webinar was so fun, I thought I’d create this blog post to go with it. Continue Reading…

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What is CRM? Customer Relations Marketing

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, a term first coined in the 1990’s.

The literal and original meaning of the expression “Customer Relationship Management” was, simply, managing the relationship with your customer. Today it is used to describe IT systems and software designed to help you manage this relationship. Continue Reading…

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Here’s the help you need.

G.P.S.® is for business owners ready to be in charge of your own website, social media and SEO. It’s the difference between driving yourself to your destination… or hitch-hiking.

You’re sick and tired of feeling lost, overwhelmed, dependent on solicitors who say they can “do it for you” for a small fortune, only to disappoint you. You know in your gut no one can do this for you. You’re ready to step behind the wheel of the driver’s seat and get s**t done right.

You just need G.P.S.®. Continue Reading…