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Ugh. Double ugh.

Probably the #1 source of frustration is when your website doesn’t do what you want it to. It can cause tremendous stress and overwhelm, making managing your website seem impossible. Sometimes you need help just knowing how to ask the right questions.

My solution: Chapter 7 Checklist

In Chapter 7 of How to Manage Your Own Website, I provide 10 immediate steps to take when your website does not do what you think it should, including a simple checklist to help walk you through identifying the problem and the right person to contact.

How to Manage Your Own Website: Chapter 7While no one (including me) likes it when a bug needs to be fixed, knowing what steps to take to proceed can bring just the peace of mind we need to get back to work.

You can purchase the ebook in full for $13.99.
Check it out here.


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