I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I think most of us do… but, after building a few amazing social audiences for some of my clients, I can honestly tell you it is still worth the pain and overwhelm it may cause you. Here’s why:

3 Reasons Social Media is Still Worth It

Audience growth:

Social media continues to be a place where you can literally reach millions of potential customers who otherwise would never know about you. I’m old enough to remember the cost of marketing budgets for magazine advertising and door hangers. In contrast, modern digital marketing through social media is incredibly effective and remarkably affordable. It makes it possible to reach and grow your audience in ways we could never have imagined 20 short years ago.


This is the hardest one to prove, but there is a significant impact on sales that comes – albeit indirectly – from proper social media engagement.

Brand Love:

The simple fact of putting your brand out there for us to see on a regular basis has a natural tendency to build affinity and authority…. and ultimately trust.

Social Media Works When You:

  1. Give it time and thought
  2. Understand that engagement is more important than the post itself
  3. Encourage your fans and followers to SHARE your post – this is where the gold is
  4. Take the time to learn new tools and resources, like how to use stories, tags and hashtags
  5. Dedicate a small budget towards exploring advertising and other conversion tools offered
  6. Pay attention to the quantity of fans and don’t be afraid to focus on growth
  7. Take advantage of social media as a FABULOUS training ground to practice learning how to talk about your brand, as well as gather invaluable feedback that can instruct how to improve products and services!

My Weekly Routine:

    1. Establish your brand “vibe.” You only have to do this once, and then you’re set. Determine colors, fonts, filters and general brand style that creates a consistent and polished feel down your feed.
    2. Create a repetition of content. I call it the “social waltz” (3 steps). This creates a nice pattern when you step back and look at the feed, and creates a nice system for me to follow each week. My 3 content types are:
      • Quote Block
      • Eye Candy
      • Information/valueInstagram waltz by Greta Rose
    3. Use a system to help automate and consolidate your posting. Greta Rose Agency has a phenomenal social publishing tool, which I offer to my clients who become G.P.S. members! I built this over several years, and I use it for my own social marketing. I love it! I think it’s the best system out there, and I’m being totally serious.
    4. Save time for engagement. By following my steps of planning, using a system like G.P.S. for scheduled posts, I can dedicate time each and every day to quality, human interaction and engagement.


  1. Study the metrics! Taking the time each and every week (I usually glance at the numbers several times throughout the week), I’m able to see if what I’m doing is working. You should see growth, conversion and increased brand love!

And that brings me back to the very beginning…. Social media is, in my opinion, worth it!

The Sweet Spot for G.P.S.xo,
Greta Rose

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