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Here’s the help you need.

G.P.S.® is for business owners ready to be in charge of your own website, social media and SEO. It’s the difference between driving yourself to your destination… or hitch-hiking.

You’re sick and tired of feeling lost, overwhelmed, dependent on solicitors who say they can “do it for you” for a small fortune, only to disappoint you. You know in your gut no one can do this for you. You’re ready to step behind the wheel of the driver’s seat and get s**t done right.

You just need G.P.S.®. Continue Reading…

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Case Study: Why We All Love theSkimm

If you aren’t among the million + demographic who start their mornings with a cup of coffee and their Daily Skimm, SUBSCRIBE HERE.

Trust me. You’ll love theSkimm.

But, why you’ll love them is a fascinating case study in successful email campaigning. Recently, I’ve had the HUGE honor of getting to work with theSkimm, and experience their strategy first hand… Continue Reading…

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Manage Your Own Website: Fan Engagement

What’s the big deal about fans? Oh, just the fact that they represent your audience, and ultimately your entire customer base. That’s all.

Probably worth finding out how to reach them effectively, think?

Let’s take a moment to discuss how to engage effectively (and have fun!) on your social media fan pages, growing your audiences and improving your customer service exponentially. Continue Reading…