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What’s the big deal about fans? Oh, just the fact that they represent your audience, and ultimately your entire customer base. That’s all.

Probably worth finding out how to reach them effectively, think?

Let’s take a moment to discuss how to engage effectively (and have fun!) on your social media fan pages, growing your audiences and improving your customer service exponentially.

In this chapter, topics include:

How to Engage With + Increase Fans Without Being Yucky or Gross

The Waltz: My 3-Step Move to Making a Killer Fan Page

How to Share From Your Website to All Your Social Pages in One Sweet Click

How to Convert Fans Into Customers

10 Hot Suggestions For Engagement + Content

How to Manage Your Own Website: Chapter 5
Everything you need to know… and that’s a lot… about the “logistics” of fan engagement. Click here to check it out.

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