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I know the mere thought of analytics is enough to put most of us to sleep.

But, understanding analytics is like having your own crystal ball. It is the only true way of knowing if “they” like what you’re selling, my friend.

It is exciting – and scary – to be held accountable. But, I say…..

Wake up and embrace the numbers game.

I’ve written an approachable way to look at the numbers related to your website. Understand analytics, statistics and insights from your website and social media pages.

In this chapter, topics include:

What Stats Are Always Right Really Means

How to Set Up Your Google Analytics

Which Statistics Matter (+ Which Ones You Can Ignore)

How to Read the Numbers + What to Do With This Info

How to Use Stats to Convert Visitors, Fans + Subscribers Into Customers

How to Manage Your Own Website: Chapter 6
Ready to learn how fun analytics can be? You can do it, Water Boy! Click here to dive in.

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