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This is the #1 question I get asked by my clients, usually when I am happily asking for my final balance to be paid. “But, I was hoping you might just do my social media for me? What if I just don’t want to do this online marketing ‘stuff’?”

With empathy in my heart, here is what I respond to business owners:

1. Because no one else cares enough.

Sure, there are companies popping up left and right with pretty big promises about delivering results (and new clients) via social media marketing. While these are worth checking out, one should ask oneself, “Where are they finding new people?” Just because I have access to the phone book (remember what that is?) does not mean I know everyone listed in it.

Companies who claim to have large social media audiences can not often claim to have an audience with their audience, if you know what I mean. People who do have large audiences of fans KEEP those large audiences of fans because there is a trust shared in the value and quality of communication (I call it the WALTZ – feel free to ask me about it). There just aren’t any shortcuts to this process of growing a social media universe of authentic fans, friends. If you hear otherwise, and it sounds too good to be true, it is.

In this new age of authenticity, you will have a greater result having one great conversation with one actual person, who in return will be inspired to tell another person about you.

Don’t worry about QUANTITY. Do focus on QUALITY.

2. Because no one will pay enough attention (or time) to the details if you don’t set the bar first.

Greta Rose AgencyI have personally spent more than I care to admit on public relations (“PR”), only to be presented with obviously inflated results that I could tell lacked the passion for my product. How could reams of spreadsheets bragging about the hundreds of thousands of social media impressions not have produced one new client? Because an “impression” simply means that your content happened to fly by someone’s screen- there is ZERO correlation between an impression and a conversion from that impression into a specific transaction. Taking the time to create a social media post or ad that is from the heart is not only more productive- it is more rewarding. I’m not in business for a paycheck (if you are, this blog post is not for you!). I’m in business because I am actually passionate about my work, and what I can offer the small business person who wants/needs an online reputation. No one- I MEAN, NO ONE- can replace my enthusiasm, or genuinely communicate to you why I feel so strongly about this subject.

Now, as I grow and hire employees, my challenge will be focused on developing a team (maybe that even includes a PR component) that also cares passionately about this company. But, even then, I will have to manage the quality of content and the bar for excellence, and I will know each member of my team will be passionate for very different reasons. The key to remember, therefore, is this:

A person representing your business must be able to speak from the truth within his own heart. If he can’t do that, he should not be representing your business.

3. Because no one is invested creatively in your business as much as you are.

Greta Rose AgencyEven with all the passion in my heart for my clients, the success of your business is not what keeps me up at night. Sorry. I think if we are all honest, we are pretty consumed at night by our own needs and concerns.

I dream at night of how I can do better, how I can communicate more clearly, how I can inspire a bigger audience. I think out of the box, and I have a giant whiteboard that my husband brilliantly pasted to our living room wall upon which I scribble ideas as they come to me. Who else would ever do this for me…. other than me? How much would I need to pay someone to care about my business as much as me? Do you really think that the companies offering to do your social media marketing or your search engine optimization for $29.99 a month will suffice?

Learn how to control your content. Invest your money in your team and on your tools. Manage how you promote your business and your brand.

Ultimately, change is hard. You already know that (I still miss my boom box). You also know that change is inevitable, and the task asked of us is, simply, to keep an open mind and a willingness to learn new things. Knowledge is power. If you take the time to learn how social media works- and if you experience first-hand what works and what is not effective social media marketing, THEN you can grow your business with confidence and effectiveness and delegate responsibility to your heart’s content. With the passion you already have, you’ll be fine!

Have more questions? This is my favorite conversation to have! Feel free to initiate contact.



  1. Hi Greta Rose,

    I found your name on the B-school facebook group for design and tech geniuses and I am feeling extremely ‘stuck’ around my website (wordpress). I am looking for a support person (virtual) who can help me with wordpress, constant contact, grow my audience, create online programs, set up auto responders, editing/proofreading and improving all content, setting up webinars and teleseminars, managing facebook page/groups, and marketing and pricing packages. Are these things you specialize in? If not, could you refer me to someone you may know in the B-school group that would be a better fit?

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