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We’ve all been there: a talented friend shows you his website, and you have to hide your reaction of shame and disappointment from him.  His website simply doesn’t represent how amazing you know he truly is.  In fact, his website actually makes him look cheap, incompetent and mediocre.

“What’s wrong with your face?” He might ask with concern.

“Nothing! Hey, you know who I should connect you to? Have you heard of Greta Rose Agency?”

And there in an instant, my friends, you have just presented your peer with a solution that will have a much greater impact than you may ever know.

Here’s what a referral to Greta Rose Agency can do for you:

1. Improve Your Reputation

Greta Rose Agency actually takes a step back and assesses the working systems of every aspect of your friend’s business- not just his website. So, you may not recognize him the next time you see how organized, stream-lined and efficient he has become. With a new lease on life, your friend will credit you with making the best business decision ever, and may even feel indebted to you.

2. Deepen Your Relationships

I’ve witnessed with my own eyes the tears well up in the eyes of one client to another, filled with the wealth of gratitude. You are giving your friend the gift of success, of confidence and, yes, of business growth! Many clients tell me that they finally feel proud and inspired to drive traffic of potential clients to their websites.  It feels amazing to have pride in one’s “shop”!

3. Increase Growth of Your Own Business

Just as I learn from my clients, you will learn from your friend’s growth. Sometimes it is easier for us to observe at a deeper level of understanding when we are not in the hot seat. You will be reminded of what a website is FOR, and how to ensure your own website is functional, efficient and easy to navigate towards your desired transaction. You will remember why one positive word-of-mouth referral from a friend is more valuable than thousands of faceless fans. You will look for new opportunities to grow your community, full of the knowledge that real community can not be manipulated or ignored.

All joking aside, I want you to feel confident in the value of my care of your friends. When you refer a client to Greta Rose Agency, I know I am receiving your trust that I will send them back to you better than they arrived. I take that trust seriously, and I thank you for it.

Have a friend who needs help with his or her website?

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