Brenda Strong

Brenda Strong was born into the right name.

Towering over you, she is GORGEOUS, powerful… and, yes, exudes a strength that is both grounding and mesmerizing. She has dedicated her life to helping women, and is the creator of Strong Yoga 4 Women. I had the honor of developing her site:

When I first heard her voice on the other end of the receiver, I tried to remain calm. The voice…. her voice. She is well-known for her role as Mary Alice on the award-winning TV hit series, Desperate Housewives. If you know the show, then you know it is HER voice that opens and closes every single episode.

So, it is with her voice in my head that I read this amazing testimonial from the one and only Brenda Strong. I was so moved by it, I thought it deserved a featured post and a share button.

Dear Brenda, thank you.

“Greta Rose is so much more than a web designer!!

One of the most important gifts Greta offers is her ability to listen on an intuitive level and to intrinsically know how to deliver beyond what you can even imagine in an artistic, timely, and professional manner. She is the perfect balance of a right brain creative and a left brain computer geek- the combo is magic.

First, she helped to organize and restructure all of my systems so that I had one cohesive brand. Because of her depth of experience in operations and business development, I was able to hand off the entire project for her to manage. She provided better fulfillment options for my products, for example! I trusted that she understood all aspects of how my business would operate THROUGH the website- not just making a pretty site to look at (which it is!).

After the site was complete, she solidified my entire team, educating us on better marketing practices, inspiring us to develop a unified “Big Idea” and how to cultivate strategic brand opportunities. She created templates for press releases and media plans. In our case, our project culminated with an event, and she delivered on her promise of pitching the story to news outlets and getting our story picked up by a legitimate paper.

As a person, she was a pleasure to work with. She is passionate and became a genuine member of our team for the duration of the project.

For the first time, I am proud to send people to my website. I would strongly recommend hiring Greta Rose to any business needing a significant and effective push towards sustainable growth and rejuvenation.”

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