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A client recently requested that I send out periodic “checklists” as a gentle reminder of action items you would benefit from doing. LOVE THAT IDEA, so here are 3 action items for you to make time for in January. January is a precious time for my business. It’s when I get to celebrate my victories from the previous year, but more importantly, I carve out conscious time to look ahead. Before I make any significant commitments, before the swell and momentum and influx of action items come pouring in…. I make sure to STOP, PLAN, and do some seriously creative and inspired THINKING.


1. Check all of your website links.

I literally just did this this morning and found 2 out-of-date links. You’d be surprised how often these sneak up on you. This is just polite housekeeping for your viewers, and doesn’t take long. Start on your home page and go through your entire site checking each and every one, especially your social and contact links. Update or remove any broken links, and tell me if this doesn’t feel good to do!

2. Schedule a new professional photo of yourself.

Again, I’m right there with you. Just called this morning and scheduled for late Jan. Perhaps you have one and can skip to #3, but if my experience with my clients is any indication, you’re probably sitting on an old photo and could use a new one. It’s a pro move to update your pic every other year on average, and you’ll feel good knowing your photo is current and accurate.

Call the photographer this week and schedule it…. even if it’s not until April. Get it on the books, budget for it, plan how you will look killer for it… and GITTER DUN.

3. Create a 2015 Media Plan

Not gonna lie, this one will take some time. But, it is the most valuable planning you can do for the year. Rather than running your business like a blind drive-by shooting, this helps you take methodical and strategic aim at your goals, steady your shot to fire directly on the bulls-eye, and then calmly line up your next strategic shot with confidence.

What are your big vision dreams for your business? Have they changed from 2014? What’s your end game? When do you want to achieve this end game? How can your website support this plan? Let’s get you one year closer, shall we?

As you probably know by now, I’ve got a book that covers this along with a lot of other helpful info on how to run your online business. Shameless plug: you should buy it (spring release). But, in the meantime, I offer a FREE PLAYBOOK and this exercise is explained in detail right in the first chapter.

Download and do the exercise in Chapter 1:


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  1. Wow. Really great stuff in the Playbook. Quite generous of you to give us this for free. Thank you! I particularly loved the first exercise of identifying next actions. I came away with 10 small things I can actually do right now. Very powerful!

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