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I’ve often thought my portfolio lacks the full impact when the viewers rarely get to compare the before and after effect. So, here are three projects pulled from the archives, to show you the glorious transformation from Before to After. We think you’ll agree, the After friggin’ ROCKS.

Gypsy Canyon Winery

Gypsy Canyon makes an exceptional wine. Their story is an incredible one. The owner and her husband discovered an ancient hidden vineyard on their Sta. Rita Hills property. They restored this historic grape and deliver it in hand-blown glass bottles, handmade paper labels embossed individually, the seal made from their own honey beeswax. Deserves a special website, doesn’t it? One that reflects the care and attention that goes into the product…




Gypsy Canyon Vineyard


The Butter End Cakery

The vision for the home page came to me in a dream. This incredibly fabulous, bigger-than-life spirit, Kimberly, is the renowned owner of The Butter End, named partly as an ironic joke at her victory over cancer. Now, she is up to her eyeballs in creative genius, only to be outdone by her next confection…. I wanted to portray her fantastic humor, her glamorous clientele, keeping her approachable (by both men and women), and yet clearly expensive…





Greta Rose Agency

River Drifters

One thing we knew going into this project, we had to do something NEW. Every outfitters website I’d ever seen was the same copycat rendition of adventure slideshows and waaaay too much information for the average Joe. I brought the peaceful promise of the river to the viewer, looping a 5 second riverbank video, inviting the viewer to have a taste of what they would experience… And then to decide how to dive in to navigate the site clearly, easily, quickly…


Greta Rose Agency


River Drifters



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