Tin Roof Barn
Tin Roof Barn

The Client: Tin Roof Barn Wedding & Events

Event venues are a very special kind of business. On one hand, we are creating a magical, unforgettable experience for the customer. Attention to detail, and finding ways to over deliver and provide JOY is a constant.

On the other hand, we must provide a seamless and efficient process to navigate through a large sum of details, instructions, rules and restrictions. Venue owners often find the balance of both of these intentions to conflict with one another. At Greta Rose Agency, we LOVE finding unique ways to make a site efficient, clean, clear, easy, functional… while making the experience delightful, happy and joyous.

The end result? The website serves as a perfect way to qualify serious leads, answer most questions, start the reservation process, and establish a positive relationship with happy customers who will share their amazing experience with others!

The Challenge: Build It And They Will Come

Tin Roof Barn is nestled within the rolling hills, apple orchards, and green pastures of the Columbia River Gorge in the Pacific Northwest. At over 100 years old, the barn has maintained its turn of the century authenticity and charm.

This family-owned farm would be restored and converted into an award-winning destination, coveted for its rustic “bohemian chic” style.

Greta Rose Agency was hired to create the website and solidify the brand identity – giving this sweet little place a personality, a voice, and a lot of success!

We started by telling a sweet illustrated story about “what is possible”…. I hoped to strike your heart strings and spark a curiosity to explore….

Solution: Magic Loves It Here

When hired, we had the logo…. that was it!

The barn was under construction, but I could already tell this was a special place. The owner, Kelly, was a bride-to-be herself. Tin Roof Barn, her childhood home, would host her own wedding here, which would be the first event for the place… setting the tone for dreams to come true. These key ingredients planted a seed for inspiration and I could see a magical quality beginning to take shape.

Personally, I think venue websites sometimes overwhelm a visitor with too much visual stimulus, forcing an event into a box with no room for possibility. So this proved the perfect opportunity to show less and let the imagination of the bride flourish. After all, we want her dreams to have room to breath, don’t we? A minimal design with magical hints of intrigue would serve both customer and owner well.

The idea of storytelling, illustration, emotional copy started us on our way. As someone who personally loved planning my own wedding, this was a dream project. Blending left and right brain, the site would marry (pun intended) creative explosion with practical process.

I even had the chance to draw a little “doodle” which set the tone for everything we love about this area in the Pacific Northwest.

Doodle by Greta Rose
Doodle by Greta Rose

Leave Room For Imagination

Magic came to life as a real character. Magic loves to hang out at Tin Roof Barn, and speaking from this perspective, Magic described everything a bride would want and need to know.

The site would remain simple, yet elegant. Magical, yet extremely clear and easy to follow. Information would be provided clearly, with a wink of joyful abundance.

With each event, the site would build a deep and vast gallery of stories. Social engagement exploded, and the website only gets better over time.