Marie Forleo B-School

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Do you ever have a great idea and then stumble upon someone who has not only had the same idea but executed it FLAWLESSLY?

Meet Marie Forleo.

I had heard about Marie’s B-School (online business school for aspiring marketing entrepreneurs) from a few of my clients. I decided to take B-School myself to simply be informed when speaking about her. I had quite a chip on my shoulder! I certainly didn’t expect to learn anything! But…. about 15 minutes into the first online module I had to smile and realize that we are all students… and she had a wealth of knowledge, and an impeccable teaching style. I was in for a treat!

Well worth the money. Beyond worth the time. You’ll learn a ton, no matter where you are in your business learning curve, and you’ll tap into a phenomenal community of like-minded enthusiastic warm-hearted passionate entrepreneurs around the globe.

Marie makes you feel like you are part of a movement. And, I can attribute a lot of successful milestones back to taking this course.

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