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Websites Need Spring Cleaning, Too (3 Tips)

I ask a lot of questions of my clients. A lot.

“What do you need help with right now?” “What are your priorities for your website this week?” “If you could ask me anything, what would you ask?”

Often times, I get a blank stare back at me. A sweet, wonderful, adorable blank stare.

This actually answers my question beautifully.

Let me know if this sounds right: You are so busy with projects and tasks and due dates (and life), so you just haven’t had the time to stop, step back and assess your year-end objectives, let alone time to determine next steps towards them. Frankly, you’re not quite sure how to formulate the answer to my question, even though you know you need help.

Am I close? Here are 3 tips that might help.

It would require committing 2 hours of your time this month. If you can give yourself that, we’ll aim for 3 things:

1. Clean up your desk: 30 mins

2. Clean up your media plan: 30 mins

3. Clean up your passwords and logins: 1 hour Continue Reading…

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7 Tips for Writing a Killer Blog Post That Actually Gets Read

You’re smart enough to decide within a few seconds if you’re getting what you need from this post. And it’s my job to keep you here so that you can at least get to the first subheading.

If my stopwatch is correct, it took you approximately 7 seconds to get to this point. And in order to keep you here, I have to combat a host of reasons for you to go elsewhere: Continue Reading…

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Hood River Website Design

My name is Greta Rose Zagarino and I do custom Website Design here in Hood River. I create, develop and manage strategic online reputations, custom WordPress websites, and effective social fan pages that produce specific measurable results. Continue Reading…

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We’re Getting Married…. Again!

Ten looooonnnnnggggg years ago today, years that have gone by way too quickly, Scott and I tied the knot on the beautiful cliffs of Malibu, CA. Many of you were there. Many new friends reading this have only been forced to hear all about it and watch the video a few hundred times.

After much deliberation, Scott and I are celebrating in a fashion that we feel best represents who we are….. deep, deep inside.

That’s right. We are renewing our vows with Elvis in Vegas. Continue Reading…

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How to Live Well

Zen Habits blog is one of my favorite resources for simple inspiration.  The following post was written by Leo Babauta.

“Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.”

I’m not a rich man, nor do I fly around the world and drink champagne with famous people in exotic locales, nor do I own a sports car or SUV or a yacht.

And yet, I’m very happy. Continue Reading…

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Top 10 Tips to improving your SEO

1. Keyword Research

It is essential when optimizing your site, that the content is keyword rich. However, there is little point in writing keyword dense copy if the keywords are not commonly used in search terms.

It is advisable to keep keywords ambiguous when using any SEO tool, e.g. Keyword Discovery or Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This will allow the SEO tool to return more suggestions, some of which may be surprising, and ones you had not thought of. Continue Reading…

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SEO HOT TIP: Google Yourself Before They Do

I winced permanently when I heard it has become standard practice for a potential employer to look you up on FACEBOOK during the interview process. Are you kidding me?? That means that an employer would find out I was blacklisted 15 years ago from the Church of Scientology when I took a tour of their facility and asked for my money back. Continue Reading…