Greta Rose Zagarino speaks at Columbia University
Greta Rose Zagarino speaks at Columbia University

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I have a unique perspective on approaching technology and transforming the overwhelm into inspiration. I’ve found to my delight and surprise this is a universal conversation. I’d love to share it with your audience.


Classroom: Columbia Journalism School


Columbia University Pulitzer Hall Lecture

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Welcome to the new “online frontier”, where it is suddenly mandatory to have a basic understanding of how to (a) manage your business website, (b) engage with social media, (c) grow an online audience, (d) master SEO and (e) Google Analytics, (f) generate authentic and compelling content, (g) maintain an active blog and newsletter, (h) know how to inspire and share your brand throughout the universe…. oh, and (i) continue to run your existing business.

Feeling overwhelmed and confused by it all? We all are! It’s perfectly natural to feel a bit lost. Actually, it would be odd if we didn’t!

Technology can feel intimidating, even burdensome, especially if you don’t see yourself as a “technical person”. Technology confronts us, makes us feel stupid, stops us.

But when we allow ourselves to be a beginner – maybe not even knowing the right questions to ask just yet – we can approach this conversation with a bit more patience and empathy. We may just discover a way to embrace technology and see it as a vast and powerful tool expressing our truest selves to an exciting new universe.

Together, you and I are going to figure this out.

Favorite Topics

  • “I Have a Website. Now What!!???”
  • Transforming Technology Overwhelm Into Inspiration
  • The Greta Method: How to Make Sense of Your Website, Google, and Social Media
  • SEO: What The F* Is It?
  • Technology 101 for Creatives
  • Social Media: The Art and Practice of Inspiration
  • Blogging: Let’s Fall In Love, Shall We?
  • Master Class: Creating Your Media Plan
  • Statistics Are Cool & I Can Prove It

Type of Events

  • Author
  • Lecture
  • Classroom
  • Intimate Event
  • TED Talk

About Greta

Greta Rose Pharr is the founder of Greta Rose Agency, a development and design firm specializing in customized WordPress and eCommerce websites, SEO, graphic design, social media fan acquisition, and integrated marketing strategy. Greta is the author of How to Manage Your Own Website. Currently #1 in its category on Amazon, it is a step-by-step survival guide that provides all the necessary tools for small business owners to thrive online.

Founded in 2012, GRA has launched hundreds of websites for a diverse portfolio of global clients. Touted as “exceptionally original” and “an artist, developer/designer, data hound, web guru and strategist all in one,” Greta balances left brain functionality and right brain creativity to build beautifully-designed, technically-sound and results-oriented websites and digital communication tools that are easy to own and operate.

Greta’s projects have been featured on NBC Nightly News,, Marie Forleo’s MarieTV, Hollywood Reporter, Huffington Post, theSkimm, the U.N., and TED. Greta has been a recurring guest lecturer for Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

With over 15 years experience and leadership in marketing, development and design, Greta has leveraged cutting edge technology and social media to help propel her clients’ businesses in a profound and measurable way. She has received a service award from the Governor of California, and is also the recipient of the prestigious Spearhead Medallion for Excellence in Service.

Greta Rose Pharr enjoys a bi-coastal residence in Hood River, Oregon and Baltimore, Maryland.

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