We offer 2 great approaches to superior service.

Call us crazy, but we think you should get what you paid for, on time, without any surprises.
Rather than itemize and estimate every line item (which rarely proves accurate), we create result-oriented projects and retainers for a fixed rate.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our clients love it.

The Pro Project


priced per project
  • A 8-12 week project where we conceive, design & build your website and prepare your team to manage your website, social media & SEO on your own. We operate with a clearly defined timeline consisting of milestones where you can hold us accountable for delivering on time.
  • projects start at $25,000
The Whole Shebang


monthly retainer
  • A monthly retainer where we conceive, design, build, develop and manage a complete online marketing campaign. Let us manage all of your website, social media, SEO, Google analytics, content creation, design, visual assets, branding and strategic marketing needs for you.
  • $15,000/month

Introducing Greta Personal Support... or G.P.S.® for Members

G.P.S. is an exceptional monthly ongoing maintenance plan. Greta provides expert personal support, coaching, resources and essential tools for those wanting to learn how to manage your own website, SEO, social media and online marketing. This is a service offered to existing clients only, and we provide three levels depending upon the amount of one-on-one support you will need.

Other services include:

Individual Session

Greta Rose Agency is available for 2-hour individual consultations to serve your online business needs. Let us know how we may be of maximum service. Screencast video sessions are recorded for your archives.

Consultancy (The Whole Shebang)

Let us manage your website, social media and marketing strategies.
It’s what we do best.
  1. We will provide the most comprehensive and creative investigation of your entire business to discover how and what online tools can best serve your goals at the highest level.
  2. We design, build and produce these tools, cementing your brand identity across all platforms.
  3. We provide your team with the training and support needed to use these tools.
  4. We update your systems and seamlessly integrate your online business with company culture.
  5. We construct a strategic social media campaign (or two) that is both statistically measurable and easily replicated.
  6. Then you sit back as we blow your socks off with our execution for as long as you wish us to stay.

Monthly retainers require a 3-month minimum commitment and are curated to your specific objectives and needs. Click here to download complete list of services.

GRA Pro Project

This is for you if: you have a specific project in mind. A project is a clear deliverable (or set of deliverables) with a beginning, middle and end date established.

We create and then get out of your way. We’ll manage the project to your delight and approval, then get out of the way and watch with pride as you take charge.

Projects typically run 8-12 weeks.

Need more support? Check out The Whole Shebang.

Our Guarantee

No hidden fees or surprises. We operate with an open book policy. We aren’t afraid to publish our prices. You’ll approve every deliverable and milestone.

Page speed, social media integration and default SEO are always included. While instruction and ongoing management may or may not be something you need, each and every one of our websites are initially optimized for search engines and speed, are responsive across all devices, and are integrated with your specific social platforms. These aren’t “extras”.

We deliver on schedule. For everyone’s sake, we manage clearly defined projects on an agreed upon time line.

We offer ongoing monthly support. We offer a monthly subscription service called G.P.S. that provides the gentle nudge you’ll need to manage your own website. We want to empower you!

You don’t pay the balance until you’re happy. Our mission is for you to brag about us to all your friends. We ask for a 50% deposit to begin and you pay the balance only after you approve our project as complete.