Motion Therapy by Greta Rose Agency
Motion Therapy by Greta Rose Agency

The Client: Motion Therapy

Motion Therapy offers highly customized physical therapy in your home or office. Owner Dr. Heidi Roberts specializes in her knowledge of standing desk solutions and works with future-thinking companies and individuals – and here’s the key phrase- in their own environments to remedy the source of their pain.

I’ll dive into the concept and how we arrived there… but first, check out the cool video we made for our home page!

Motion Therapy

Here's our cool video we made

The Challenge: Introducing a new concept

We wanted to create a website that would speak immediately to her ideal customer. It had to convey ACTION, MOVEMENT, ENGAGEMENT & PLAYFULNESS.  Heidi’s patients can afford her services, and their primary objective is EASY SCHEDULING and RESULTS.

Motion Therapy needed a website that would process new and existing patients, and represent the brand in full movement and color.

It also had to clearly promote her book, with an appealing optin that would be welcoming and clever – not obnoxious.

chair by Greta Rose Agency
chair by Greta Rose Agency

The Solution: Sitting is the new smoking

Heidi made this statement a few times during our concept sessions, and it stood out like a neon sign. It really says it all, right? And, as a chronic “Sitter” myself, it resonated with me emotionally. I knew it was our “way in”.

Next came the orange chair. It just looked so friggin’ hot against the white-space. It set the tone for the entire site’s style guide.

Finally, we knew the chair had to be juxtaposed with movement… with the creation of a kickass video that would resonate with Heidi’s clients with what they loved to do here in the heart of the Northwest, including the therapy that she would provide them, and thus a home page was born.