Aveny Ögonklinik by Greta Rose
Aveny Ögonklinik by Greta Rose

The Client: Aveny Ögonklinik, Göteborg, Sweden

SMILE is the latest technology in eye laser surgery, and this Swedish clinic was proud to be the very first awarded by Zeiss in their country to offer the exclusive treatment. They were eager to be of service to a global community.

Recommended by the phenomenal consumer experience agency, Jam Global Consulting, Greta Rose Agency was asked to create a completely new makeover to their antiquated brand from head to toe. We would create a new logo, a new brand identity and style guide, two beautifully optimized websites – offered in both Swedish and English, and produce a fun promotional video.

What followed was a delightful exploration into what makes us feel like going to see the doctor (as a good thing)!

Step 1: Analysis of Old Website

We had our work cut out for us.

The pre-existing website for this company had some serious issues. The color palette and general design choices were awkward and inappropriate. The navigation was confusing. The fonts were small are difficult to read. The images and graphics were stock, impersonal, clinical and often poor resolution. For a company promoting clarity and expertise in vision, the website lacked both. We were able to attack this head-on, demonstrating the urgent need for brand and mission to be consistent and unified!

Aveny Ögonklinik by Greta Rose
Aveny Ögonklinik by Greta Rose

Step 2: Establish New Brand Identity

Incorporating the bright blue of their existing nurse’s outfits, I wanted to marry the cheerful splash of blue with an elegant, luxurious deep blue. Expansive white, clean sections would balance the fresh, vibrant photography and video we would create. Together, we would let a story unfold, gently inviting the guest to explore exciting options by the very best eye surgeons in the entire country.

We would transform the website into a beacon for fun, adventure, class and perfection…

The logo would be built into a larger-than-life circular painted metal, suspended from the wall with solid bolts, natural, bright light casting a shadow upon the wall. The logo suggests focus, depth, vision and is brilliantly on point (if I do say so, myself)!

This design inspired marketing assets which will provide guests with clear information, delivered in an elegant and fun way. Gift bags will provide local handmade chocolates. Clearly marked boxes will provide essential service accessories.

New fashionable suits were selected for the staff. Delicious espresso machines with delicate custom cups for the lobby guests were brought in. The entire office was renovated to reflect the new look and feel of the brand.  Every presentation detail was examined, recreated, and executed seamlessly.

Aveny Ögonklinik by Greta Rose
Aveny Ögonklinik by Greta Rose

Step 3: Video & Photography

The welcome montage for the landing experience of the website would tell the story of a delightful, warm, welcoming visit to the clinic. I knew the lighting would be the most important element of the piece, as well as the extreme attention to detail of the staff. I needed warm, golden hues to offset any hints of sterile, clinical medical facility. In the end, we partnered with a phenomenal local production company, House of Vision, who executed our vision perfectly. A fun production day proved to make everyone feel like movie stars, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result!

I translated the video into English as well.

Here is the final landing page montage with full promotional video (click the button to watch).

This is what better vision
looks like.

Welcome to our Göteborg eye clinic, located in the heart of Sweden. We are honored to be a part of your journey, providing you with the very best in expert vision correction.

Step 4: Celebrate Aveny

Aveny Ögonklinik by Greta Rose
Aveny Ögonklinik by Greta Rose

From the very beginning, it was clear how important the location was to everyone. We wanted to celebrate the area – sharing fun finds, local gems, best recommendations for hotels, attractions, restaurants and cafes. We would complement the website with authentic photography of landmarks we love and know well.

Coming soon, an exclusive mobile app will be designed to provide information and easy online booking.

And, finally, we filmed trusted video testimonials from patients and staff, and have scheduled the hugely famous band members of Arvingarna, who hope to be candidates for SMILE!

Aveny Ögonklinik by Greta Rose
Aveny Ögonklinik by Greta Rose