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[az_single_image image=”3107″ image_mode=”img-responsive” image_alignment=”aligncenter”][az_special_heading heading_align=”textaligncenter” content_heading=”The Client: Oyl + Water”][az_column_text]Oyl + Water founder, Rachel Roberts, builds brands. Her expertise is spa and beauty, but her company has quickly expanded to a wide range of creative initiatives. She is a copy-writing ninja, a big-picture shark, and expertly champions for her clients with a heart of gold.[/az_column_text][az_blank_divider height_value=”30″]
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What Oyl + Water needed was a trusted web partner. Greta Rose Agency and Oyl + Water knew instantly the two companies were two peas in a pod, the yin to the yang, and this project proved to be a blast from the start. Similar aesthetics, competitively high standards for excellence and complimentary attention to detail.

We went to the task of creating a minimalist, stunningly clean, crystal clear site that would become a living example of what Oyl + Water could do for its clients.

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[az_special_heading heading_align=”textaligncenter” content_heading=”The solution: minimalist orgasm”][az_column_text]It’s funny how challenging “clean and minimal” can be.

It’s easy to throw in all the bells and whistles. It’s so tempting to say just one more word. It’s unbearable to “kill your darlings” – those items you are so very attached to but know they just don’t have a place at the table anymore.

The result: a beautiful website that was the beginning of a partnership between two stellar brands.

You can check out the finished product here: oylandwater.com[/az_column_text][az_blank_divider height_value=”60″][az_single_image image=”3112″ image_mode=”img-responsive” image_alignment=”aligncenter”][az_blank_divider height_value=”60″][az_testimonial_container][az_testimonial_section] [testimonial image=”http://gretarose.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/rippedrachel.jpg” title=”Rachel Roberts, Founder, Oyl + Water”]It was complete fate that led me to Greta Rose Agency, and instantly I knew I had serendipitously stumbled upon my new favorite web guru, whom I have nicknamed Greta The Great.

Investing in a website is a big commitment of time, money, creative energy and passion. I didn’t take this project lightly (it’s my brand, after all) and I have very high expectations (I want my clients to feel confident I will deliver the same exceptional results they see on my site.) Greta laid out the process clearly, and led me through it so gracefully, I can honestly say it was one of the smoothest, most rewarding creative projects I’ve worked on – and I work on creative projects for a living!

Greta listened intently and asked all the right questions, providing me with tons of benchmarks and ideas to get our wheels turning. Once we were clear, she swiftly moved into action. When I saw my homepage, I got goosebumps. It was exactly what I wanted, before I knew I wanted it. She captured the essence of my brand so beautifully, it made my message even more powerful. Now, that’s talent!

I was prepared to pay for a beautiful site. Then, I met Greta and she gave me a beautiful site that WORKS. I learned more about my business by working with her, and I made a friend in the process. I feel truly blessed. Thank you, Greta![/testimonial][/az_testimonial_section][/az_testimonial_container][az_blank_divider height_value=”60″]

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