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My name is Greta Rose Zagarino and I do custom Website Design here in Hood River. I create, develop and manage strategic online reputations, custom WordPress websites, and effective social fan pages that produce specific measurable results. Continue Reading…

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4 Key Tips For Strategizing With a Web Designer

Web design doesn’t have to be a big hassle for small businesses. With a little homework and a lot of constructive dialog, and the right designer, your business can achieve an impressive web presence. The following tips are key recommendations to improve your small business website design.

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Greta Rose Agency

Top 10 Tips to improving your SEO

1. Keyword Research

It is essential when optimizing your site, that the content is keyword rich. However, there is little point in writing keyword dense copy if the keywords are not commonly used in search terms.

It is advisable to keep keywords ambiguous when using any SEO tool, e.g. Keyword Discovery or Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This will allow the SEO tool to return more suggestions, some of which may be surprising, and ones you had not thought of. Continue Reading…